Consumer Finance

Consumer Finance: How It Helps Your Profits

If you’ve never implemented a consumer finance program before, it’s time to get started. If you’ve worked with other consumer financing companies in the past, we invite you to take the time to see why we’re different. At Resource Capital Solutions, we offer consumer financing with 21st century flair. This provides numerous benefits for your company and for your customers.

The Advantages of Consumer Finance for Your Business

Implementing consumer finance solutions is something every business, everywhere, should do. This type of program helps small businesses, large corporations — even owner-operated e-commerce companies. Here are several benefits:

  • Great online reputation: Branded credit cards make your name visible for customers. The better the payment experience, the more your customers talk about you. Consumer finance definitely figures into online reviews.
  • Higher brand loyalty: When people can pay the way they want, it’s more likely they’ll keep buying from you. We support mobile payments, eSign and other options. Attract clients with loyalty programs such as discounts and points.
  • Increased sales: Allowing for deferred payments means consumers and businesses can afford items that they may not buy otherwise. Breaking down larger purchases into smaller payments is more manageable and attractive.

Of course, we deposit your funds right away. You get paid, your customers have more options and everyone goes home happy. It’s no surprise that consumer financing is one of the biggest drivers of customer satisfaction.

To get started, contact our team right away for personalized assistance.