Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing: How To Maximize Your Profits

If there’s one thing that can help your business generate increased profits, it’s the right equipment. Not only does have state-of-the-art equipment allow your team to do great work, it also allows you to get more done. With high-quality machinery, you can serve more customers, take on additional jobs and increase your output. At Resource Capital Solutions, we have the equipment financing options you need to purchase or lease the right equipment for your business goals.

What Companies Benefit the Most From Equipment Financing?

Virtually every business needs to keep up with advancing technology to stay ahead of competitors. Our team has worked with a wide variety of businesses, customizing loans to adapt to the terms that fit the best. Here are some of the industries we have experience with:

  • Construction companies
  • Restaurants and coffee shops
  • Cleaning businesses
  • Medical practices
  • Dentists
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Retail shops

For many of these businesses, purchasing equipment using equipment financing was the best choice. For example, construction companies are interested in buying heavy machinery that stands the test of time. Our low-interest loans save you significant capital over time and allow you plenty of time for repayment. In the case of restaurants and retail businesses, investing in the latest point-of-sale terminals can simplify payment processing and customer service immensely.

What Types of Equipment Can You Lease?

For other businesses, equipment leasing makes more business sense. We’re happy to accommodate your preferences, and qualifying for both options is relatively simple. Startups can also qualify for leasing using our program specifically designed for new business owners. Leasing is a short-term option that features low monthly payments and incredible flexibility. If you need equipment that must be upgraded regularly, this is an excellent choice:

  • Computer systems
  • Tablets
  • Software
  • IT equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Diagnostic tools

Our leasing solutions also provide other benefits, such as tax advantages, simplified applications and no down payments. We tailor each loan and lease to your specific goals, which minimizes your costs and maximizes your potential profits.

To learn more about equipment financing and leasing, contact our team right away.