4 Questions to Ask Before Making an App for Your Company

4 Questions to Ask Before Making an App for Your Company

As you create your company’s marketing strategy, you design an eye-catching website that includes information about your business and links to your online store. Hoping to increase traffic to your site, you invest in pay-per-click ads and search engine optimization. While these steps are all important parts of any successful marketing campaign, a possibility you may forget about is creating an app. Before you delve into the world of app marketing, ask yourself the following questions.

Do You Need an App?

People like using apps for their favorite companies, but they become frustrated when an app is just another version of a mobile website. An app is not worth your time and money unless you can think of special opportunities to offer on it, such as single-click purchasing or sneak peeks at new items.

Do You Have the Skill to Create an App?

Nothing is more frustrating on a phone than an app that doesn’t work. Whether it takes too long to load or shuts down without warning, your customers will quickly delete a problematic app. If you don’t have the skillset to create a functional app, hire a web designer to make one or wait until you’re ready. Test the prototype with a few employees or family members before launching it so you can correct problems.

Do You Know How to Reach Your Customers?

Putting your app on several app stores does not necessarily mean that your customers will download it. To increase your app marketing campaign’s success, you need to invest in app store optimization, a process that is similar to SEO. Some parts of ASO are hard to control, such as the reviews people post about your app and how frequently they download it. You can control keyword optimization, though. With the help of a company or private researcher, find out what keywords your target audience searches for. Incorporate these keywords in the app store’s description as well as throughout your app.

Do You Have a Plan?

Don’t just launch an app and expect your sales to increase dramatically. You need a plan for developing, promoting, and sustaining your app, and it should tie into your company’s long-term goals. Make sure you have enough room in your budget to support this plan. For example, you must pay someone to design your app, and you must pay to post it on an app store.

After asking yourself these questions, you’re ready to judge whether app marketing is right for you.