4 Effective Ways to Update Your Website

4 Effective Ways to Update Your Website

It may seem strange at first, but web development actually has a lot of things in common with homeownership. Keeping your website clean, current, and in good working order is an important way to ensure that your visitors can find their way around, get what they need, and enjoy the process. Think about it: Does your site authentically display your company’s personality, culture, and character? Does it need some structural work? Here are several things to consider.

1. Usability

Make sure your website is easy to navigate and all of the links are functional. If that’s not the case, visitors won’t stay long on the site. Check to confirm that the site is easy to use on all types of devices and commonly used browsers. Proofread the content for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, as well as unnecessary jargon. Also, get a fresh read on the style and tone of the content. It should reflect your brand identity and be consistent in style and tone on every page.

2. Content

Now, look carefully at the content itself. Does it embody your company’s current mission and personality? Has your blog been updated recently? The “About” or biography pages usually get a lot of traffic. Are personnel bios current? What about the contact information? A website that has correct, up-to-date information communicates professionalism and customer care. In addition to improving SEO (search engine optimization), having a blog with continuously updated content magnetizes repeat visits. If e-commerce is part of your site, double-check each description and make sure inventory is current and accurate.

3. Calls to Action

Evaluate each call to action (CTA) on your website, making it clear and obvious. You want to be certain that visitors know what action to take; not only do people want to quickly find information, but they also want you to tell them what to do with it. This is crucial for successful conversions, newsletter subscriptions, and purchases.

4. Appearance

Depending on your industry and the preferences of targeted customers, you’ll likely periodically take your business through a brand refresh to correspond with its evolving identity. Professional web development can play a big part in your success; a pro will have expert knowledge about the best colors, font styles, and aesthetic. Consider incorporating new photos, current news, and an events calendar (if appropriate), as well.

Updating your website can breathe new life into your business. Keep these factors in mind as you get started.