6 Ways To Optimize Your Office for Maximum Productivity

Environment influences human behavior in subtle ways. An employee who works in pleasant, uplifting conditions is likely to be happier and more productive. While overall morale trumps other factors (including environment), making a few tweaks to the look and feel of your office will significantly boost productivity. Read on for several suggestions on how to make that happen.

  1. Plants

Seems too simple, right? Could several small office plants really make a difference? Wired magazine (UK) did a study that concluded office plants did boost productivity up to around fifteen percent. Perhaps it has to do with their oxygenating effect. Maybe it’s the beauty of the natural scenery they provide.

  1. Temperature

While study results vary, the mean temperature for peak productivity is just above seventy degrees. Keep in mind that individual preferences vary; here’s an opportunity to improve morale by polling your employees to find out their preferences and providing lap blankets and other props to boost comfort levels.

  1. Ambient Sound

While it’s not a good idea to have complete silence, make sure that the sound environment is free from auditory disturbances. Distracting noises, public service announcements, and nearby conversations will make productivity decrease rapidly. Some kind of ambient sound at a consistent and low volume will help cover up distracting noises.

  1. Music

While hundreds of studies have been done to determine whether music boosts productivity, the results are inconclusive. Personal preference is an important variable. Also, music with clear lyrics tends to be distracting. Share these findings with your employees and come to a consensus. Noise-canceling headphones might be the best option.

  1. Office Lighting

Evaluate your office lighting, taking note of the amount of natural light that gets in. Sustained bright light lifts mood and reduces anxiety and depression. Also, it cuts down on computer vision syndrome. If it’s possible to have an office space with plenty of open windows, that’s ideal. Otherwise, install bright lighting (blue-tinted) to improve productivity.

  1. Air Quality

Air quality isn’t as immediately noticeable as the lighting and noise in your building, but it has a major impact on the productivity of your employees. Poor air quality substantially reduces productivity; if that’s the case in your office space, it’s crucial to improve it. Invest in high-quality air filters, air circulators, and (if possible) exposure to clean outdoor air.

Improving your employee productivity requires close attention to environmental factors. Consider these suggestions to create a comfortable space for your team.